GUSHING $10s & $50s


This is a simple CASH program that actually works. Take 2 minutes to read the flyer and you’ll be shocked at the difference.

Dear Future Team Member,
This new program just launched at the end of March. It pays CASH directly to you and it’s growing like crazy … it may well be the hottest program on the market right now, and it’s just getting started.

It’s the first program that appeals to both groups of people and
has a 5 level pay system. You see, in the direct mail industry, about half of the people are on a tight budget and will only join a low-cost program ($50 or less). The other half will only join a medium to high cost program because they want to make more money.

This is the first program that works for BOTH GROUPS, which means you get a higher response rate! PLUS, both groups make money for each other on the same flyer!
“Gushing $10s and $50s” is modeled after the #1 most successful direct mail program of the last 15 years, except it has MORE INCOME POTENTIAL. Take a look:
© CASH payments come directly to YOU … this is fully monitored and cheat-proof!
© FAST money … Because payments come to you directly, you can receive money as soon as one week after you mail, plus it can arrive daily, perhaps even every day!
@ 5 levels… In order to earn serious money, you must have several levels of pay. The problem with most programs is they don’t get enough response to multiply through the levels … this one does. Real results: call any person who has a phone # on the flyer!
© Only $10 monitor fee! The monitor is simply a participant; their name is one of the names on the $10 list. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of greedy monitors who make thousands on high fees while most of the members never make any money.

Other benefits include a bonus of 100 forever stamps just for sponsoring 5 people. Join for $50 and upgrade as you start earning money, or join at the higher level ($300) to earn both $10 and $50 bills. Either way, I believe this will be the last program you ever need!
Best Wishes for Happiness, Good Health and Success,

 this form to join:  Gushing $10s & $50s $$$$$   Follow instructions and start earning real cash money.

PS – I mail flyers for my team! When you get your welcome pack from the program director, just send me a copy of your flyer (they send you 2 copies) and I will mail some flyers for you!

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