Enjoy again Streaming from $4.50

Our most affordable Service Velocity available to order again! Many of you asked the
last weeks when you can finally renew or sign up again for our Velocity Service and we can finally announce that it is now available again to renew or sign up. 
Has the Service changed?
 Yes, it definitely has changed a bit, while not all Channels are available just yet,
according first reports customers acknowledge that it has become better in both
Quality and Stability.Check out the current Features of Velocity TV below! 
VELOCITY – starting at $4.50!! 
1 or 3 Connections5000+ ChannelsAll PPV events
SportsUS Networks & LocalsOver 20 different international sections24/7
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Best on the Web Pricing !!

NOTE: iTV Services are NOT 100%.  There will be missing Thumbnail Channel Images,
Channels and EPG [ Electronic Program Guide ].  This is out of my Hands for it’s a Souce Supplier issue.
New Channels Are Coming Online and working on EPG fix !!

New Refund Policy:  Starting 10/08/2020…Refunds will be in Full within 48HRS of Account Creation.

After that, it will be at a Prorated Rate.  Minimum of  20% will be deducted from
Original Purchase Price and will Further Adjust From There Based on Time Left of Subscription
Thank you

Due to unforseen processing Issues, Subscription Orders Are Taking MUCH Longer To Process.
Please Be Patient
And EVERYONE WILL Get Their Paid Services.
The Quality Of Service And Value Is Worth The Wait !!

Thank You

Thank You And Happy Streaming !! 

4 Connections
$20 3 Months | $50 12 Months

Premium Non XCODES Service
2 Connections Plus Catch Up [ 747 ]
$12.85 for 1 Month Service

2 Connections
$25 12 Months

2 Connections
$11 3 Months | $36 12 Months

iTV1 [ Formerly iTV4D ]
3 Connections
$12.85 3 Months | $50 12 Months

5 Connections
$15 3 Months | $50 12 Months

The XCODES Fallout:  This is why iTV Services world Wide were effected at the moment…

URGENT MESSAGE: A massive blow in the IPTV community. The largest Middleware/CRM software used by 98% of the industry went offline. This will take sometime to resolve and we already know it will be a bit longer than most end-user customers are willing to hold on for. So we’re in the process of migrating all customers, servers and data on a new platform. Sorry for the inconvenience but this is to protect the service for everyone long-term.

NOTE: MOST iTV SERVICES ARE DOWN / EFFECTED, THIS IS A SYSTEM WIDE OUTAGE. All hands are on deck and working around the clock to get everything back to normal as soon as possible

Thank you

Mike Sullivan
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The Service is great value, I’m saving over $15 a Month and its better Quality.


Great experience from the team with fast and friendly service. The Products work great and I could not be more pleased! Keep up the good work guys!

Jacob Leach

Excellent Support Staff…Got my questions answered in a few hours after submitting my ticket. I Must say it the quality is amazing!

Stephen Smith

Excellent Support Staff…Got my questions answered in a few hours after submitting my ticket. I Must say it the quality is amazing!