American Standard Aqua Wash Non-Electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilets,

Aquawash bidet restroom seat features an ultramodern design with a slim 60 mm compacting seat that accompanies any scenery. This restroom bidet seat features a water pressured bidet seat with malleable spray patterns and divisible snoots; No electrical power is needed. This seat also features a one-button drive lift-off for easier cleaning; Slow close hinges to help slam the seat and top mount installation for an easier installation. Fits most conventional toilets.

  • Non-electric bidet restroom seat point with a malleable spray volume
  • Independent tone- drawing binary snoots for effective front and reverse sanctification
  • “ No Slam ” Slow-close seat & lid for stoner convenience
  • One-drive removable seat for easier cleaning of the seat and coliseum
  • Homemade Side Lever Easy to operate
  • 2-7/16 ″( 62 mm) seat height
  • Flawless compacting lid design to conceal the seat ring
  • Includes mounting tackle, water force sock, and seat
  • Fits most conventional stretched toilets
  • Removable snoot tips for fresh cleaning